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A few free (and working! ;)) trashable e-mail services

I don’t really get a lot of non-spammy comments here. Still, the people who post those comments usually don’t notice that the e-mail field isn’t mandatory (the skin I chose is rather confusing about what fields are mandatory or not – FYI, as far as I remember the only mandatory fields are the comment and the CAPTCHA), but they often care about not giving their e-mail. Some provide some random fake (non-working) e-mail, some do the effort of getting a real, disposable one. Since I validate all comments manually, I’ve used the occasion to make a little list of those temporary, discardable e-mail services. Here you go:

  • Yopmail: the great thing about this one is that it provides quite a few alternative domain names, in case the primary one is blocked by the site where you want to sign up or comment. Another nice thing is that they provide an alias to your temporary e-mail (so you can give that alias and the persons who only know the alias won’t be able to access your temporary mailbox). According to the list on their homepage, they provide:,,,,,,,,,,,
  • 10 Minute Mail: if the 2 previous ones are blocked, that one is definitely worth a try. It’s not very polished, but it works and provides really unexpected domain names. When I started the draft for this post, the domain name was, as I’m checking now it’s The only drawbacks are 1) that you can’t choose the name of your e-mail address and 2) that it expires pretty quickly. So, for instance if you need to be sent a password reset e-mail a few days later on your trashable e-mail, you’re screwed. But otherwise it should be just great.
  • 10 Minute same concept as the one above (random weird domain name, 10 minutes only although it can be renewed before expiration, etc), but from another entity I assume.
  • Mail-Temporaire and EasyTrashMail: I put them together because they are developed by the same people. Not very well known, and I haven’t tested them yet, but they seem fine too. According to their homepage, they provide,,,,,,,,
  • Mailinator: probably the most well-know (that’s actually the only one in this list I knew of before you guys used it to comment here ;)). Works nice indeed, but is often blocked because websites who don’t authorize trashable e-mails all know about it. Also it seems that the trashable e-mail service has now been demoted to a very secondary part of their business, it can still be found somewhere on their homepage but is very much buried, so it seems only fair that it gets now buried at the end of my list

Shame list: services that hate proxy users and give them shitty captchas. I’m keeping them here for the sake of completion, but please try no to encourage them, otherwise the web will end up a horrible place where you can’t even use a fucking proxy. I don’t think this is very compatible with running an anonymity-related service like a temporary/trashable e-mail service.

  • TempMail ( similarly to Yopmail, they let you choose your temp e-mail. And offer, at the moment, a choice of 10 domains (,,,,,,,,,

Well, that’s all folks. If you find other similar services feel free to post them in comments… with or without filling the e-mail field 😉

Edit: thanks to commenters who keep filling the e-mail field with trashable addresses instead of leaving this field empty, I’ve found out that now mailinator is offering alternate domains. Here’s a small (incomplete) list of those domains:,,,,,,,,

Update (2013-06-04): added a new provider, Mail-Temporaire 🙂

Update (2018-08-25): added

Update (2018-10-30): there is also

Update (2019-12-08): and also, why what do you know, defunct already :/

Update (2020-07-01): interesting too, a tool to do the other way around, i.e. to send yourself an e-mail: (takes a few minutes to arrive though… but such services are surprisingly hard to find, particularly if you compare to how things were a decade ago) Now defunct, damn :/

Update (2022-03-08): and here’s a new one which I haven’t tested

Update (2022-05-29): and here’s yet another one which I haven’t tested Also, started moving some services into a “shame list” of services who require shitty captcha (typically, CloudFlare configured as a proxy-hater). Those services will have their URL shown but without a clickable link. And that’s already too generous for those assholes.

Update (2022-10-23): (not putting a clickable link because they require a shitty catpcha)

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    • patheticcockroach says

      You know if you want to add another service you can just say it, I always like adding more alternatives

  2. sam says

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    You could create an email address using a popular email program like Gmail or Yahoo, but this would result in a new email account. Using temporary email addresses allows you to use all of the above services without being bombarded with spam.

  3. JessicaBaker says

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