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Twitter – scratch my back I scratch yours; don’t I don’t

Just found that thing in my e-mail box: a short list (in French) of tools to help you manage the people you follow on Twitter. Here goes the list:

I only tried the first one, Tweepi, but apparently they all provide the same kind of functions. Particularly, you can list your “followees” that don’t follow you back, and unfollow them. You can also list your followers who you don’t follow, and follow them. Some of the other features (some are not free) include: unfollowing followees which you follow for more than X days but didn’t follow you back, unfollowing accounts which have been inactive for more than X days, following followers of a specific user, locking some users so that you don’t bulk unfollow/follow them by mistake, etc.
Here are a couple of screenshots from Tweepi:

The dashboard:
Tweepi dashboard

The tool to remove non-following followees:
Tweepi - cleaning up non-following followees. Opera-powered ;)

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