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Reasons to get LibreOffice

Lol that was a good one back in 2011… and it still applies 😀 (except for the part where LibO is getting an optional ribbon now)

Reasons to get LibreOffice:
It’s free
It doesn’t have a stupid Ribbon
It’s free
Everyone always has (or can always get) the latest version
It’s free
It does what you need to do. Yeah it has fewer functions, but most likely it does have the ones you really need.

Reasons to get Office:
I’m so stupid that I actually find Ribbon helpful
I’m so stupid that I think I’m saving 50% because of that student/teacher/[whatever socialist class] discount but I don’t realize I’d be saving 100% if I got LO
I’m too rich and I want to fix that
I just hate open source so much
I’m so stupid that I believe everything my would-be “computer guy” pal says, and he says “just let me install all this cracked free software on your PC, it will improve your life and enlarge your e-peen”
I rather pay for extra functions that I never use rather than not having them for free.

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