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[R] How to replace NAs with a specific value (in a matrix or other)

For some reason, the more basic the action I want to do in R, the harder it seems to me… So, here’s how to replace NA values with any value so that I don’t have to look for this again.

First, the easy one: in a vector:

 [1]  1  2 -1  4  5  6  7  8  9 1

In a matrix, oddly enough the syntax… is exactly the same!

     [,1] [,2] [,3]
[1,]    0    0    0
[2,]    0    0    5
[3,]    0    0    0
[4,]    0    0    0

Actually, not that odd if you consider the matrix as a 2D array the way it’s built in C++ or such. Still, that came as a surprise to me.

Now in a data frame:

  X1 X2 X3
1  0  0  0
2  0  0  5
3  0  0  0
4  0  0  0

Actually, replace() works on matrices and vectors too 😉

Main source: R help – How to replace all values in a data.frame with another (not 0) value

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