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No more Doctor Who trailers (and so long Dailymotion)

For some reason I didn’t find the time to keep up with uploading the latest Doctor Who trailers. Well, all in all it was a good thing after all, because it seems that the “right holders” (the BBS?) is taking them offline. Why on earth a company would seek to prevent the unaltered broadcast of their advertising material is beyond my understanding. Still, the other good news is that it provides me with some material for a new post. Behold, the deletion notification from Dailymotion (so that you don’t have to upload a trailer yourself to see one ;))

Hello patheticcockroach,

Some or all of the elements composing your video, “Doctor Who – S5E03 Preview (Victory of the Daleks),” have been flagged as infringing upon the intellectual property rights of a third party (e.g. author, producer, artist, etc.). It has been removed at the request of one or more of the rights holders.

As you should be aware, using or distributing copyrighted content requires prior authorization from its creator or copyright owners. If you do have authorization to distribute this video, please provide all details of such permissions in an email to feedback@[…cut].

In any event, we ask that you observe our General terms of Use ( ), and in particular its dispostions regarding the respect of the intellectual property. For additional information, click here:

Best regards,

The Dailymotion Team

It’s the second time Dailymotion deletes one of my video, and every time the complainer never bothered to contact me first, although this is supposed to be the standard “progressive” procedure : first contact the uploader, then if ignored contact the site manager, then if ignored contact the site host. So, what next then ? Well, I asked for some clarification, mainly: which “rights holders” did the complain ?

Long story short, at first they closed my ticket without even bothering to respond, and when I reopened it I was gently told that I was a criminal and I should just STFU. That’s strange, I thought I was entitled to know who complained about the material… Anyway, seeing the massive friendliness of their support staff (that was 2 different people already on my ticket, a representative sample probably ^^), I deleted almost all the other trailers (just kept 1 or 2 to show as an illustration to BBC/Dr Who in case they bother to check whether or not they really did fill the complaint themselves), and I surely won’t be uploading anything else on this shitty site (“screw you Dailymotion, I’m going home” :P). I eventually found a nice site listing alternatives to YouTube (hence to Dailymotion too ^^), I guess I’ll just pick one of those when I need to.

Update (2013-04-14)

Found what seems to be a nice alternative, They’re even hosted on the quite infamous Leaseweb 😉 The only problem is that it doesn’t seem to have an English version, but I suppose Dutch is easy enough when you just need to find the play and upload buttons. They’ve been around for about 7 years, so I suppose they’re likely to last.

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