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The Armed Republic of Bannannas: day 2

I recently opened an account at NationStates, and I really like the funny nation summary they provide. So I thought I’d share a few. To bad I forgot to save the very first one, it changed quite a bit on the first day because there was a fair amount of issues to decide on.

Category: Capitalizt
Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Thriving
Political Freedoms: Good

The Armed Republic of Bannannas is a fledgling, socially progressive nation, notable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-working population of 5 million enjoy some of the most opulent lifestyles in the region, unless they are unemployed or working-class, in which case they are variously starving to death or crippled by easily preventable diseases.

The small, pro-business government is mainly concerned with Law & Order, although Healthcare and Education are secondary priorities. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 12%. A substantial private sector is dominated by the Uranium Mining industry.

Voting is voluntary, a well-funded social safety net protects the unfortunate, and organ donation rates are among the lowest in the region. Crime is a major problem. Bannannas’s national animal is the Ape, and its currency is the Bannanna.

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