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Great places worth seing (at least by proxy ;))

I’m not much of a real-life traveler, still I like discovering places via articles about them: you get to see the thing, plus usually the story about it, all from the comfort on your home, without the loooong trip, travel expenses, risks, etc. And I thought I’d make a little list of such places.

The door to hell

The Door to Hell, a burning natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan
(source, © Tormod Sandtorv under a CC-BY-SA license)
Located somewhere in Turkmenistan, this is a natural gas field which was set on fire in 1971 and has been burning since then. Originally, soviet scientists were setting up a drilling camp when the ground collapsed, leaving a large (~70m diameter) crater releasing methane. They set it on fire in order to prevent further emissions, which could be a health hazard to neighboring villages, and because they expected the gas to burn out within a few days… but obviously there was much more than planned 😉
More on Wikipedia

The Mir mine

The Mir mine, an open pit diamond mine in Siberia

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