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Flash player 12.x to for portable browsers (32 and 64 bits)

Note (2018-09-14): due to lack of time (and interest, and how is Flash still alive anyway?), today’s upload of version will be the last version I repackage. Thanks for hanging around all this time ๐Ÿ™‚ (and good luck with the few rare sites that still somehow near the end of 2018 require you to use Flash)

Skip to the download links if you’re too lazy to read or if you already know what you’re doing

Latest version for download here: for Firefox and Chrome. Mirrors are available in article and/or in the latest comments. If this is out of date, don’t hesitate to bump me in comments, I don’t check for updates quite regularly.

Note (2018-07-18): as far as I know, the instructions are now totally outdated and basically the only relevant part of this post is the download links. I’m not using Flash anymore, be it portable or not, so I don’t know what the up-to-date setup voodoo is (on a side note, thanks very much to browsers for always changing that shit). But you’ll probably find interesting pointers among the most recent comments.

Finally, about 2 years and a half after Flash 11, Adobe recently released Flash 12, and quite quickly later, Flash 13 to 16. I don’t think there’s anything major in this release, the previous version was 11.9.x and I guess they preferred 12.0.x rather than getting into 11.10.x and such. I have no idea about the changelog, although from previous experience on the 11.x branch, it’s probably mainly security and bug fixes. The Linux version was discontinued at version 11.2 (although they still update this one with security fixes, current version being, which you can grab there), so probably even Adobe see Flash’s end coming. Which will be a sad day for me too, because quite a few people land here thanks to it ๐Ÿ˜‰ although much fewer lately because it seems Google hates me since last summer ๐Ÿ™ (I guess I can say it now that the traffic coming from them shredded to the point it became almost negligible, so even if they bury me even more I shouldn’t feel much difference – for instance, yesterday’s traffic: Bing + Duckduckgo brought me half the traffic Google brought)

Anyway, the usual mentions:

1) If you’re planning to use this with Tor, you should also plan to say goodbye to IP anonymity (which I believe is the main reason for using Tor): Flash will connect without much regards for your Tor Browser proxy settings so it can leak your IP to someone willing to get it. Well, maybe there’s a way to make it safer, but seriously using browser plugins such as Java and Flash while trying to be anonymous is like trying to win a race while starting late on purpose.

2) To “install” it into your portable browser, grab the correct files (either 32 or 64 bits) and put it in the plugin folder (which you may need to create yourself), which is:

  • Firefox Portable: Data/plugins + set plugins.load_appdir_plugins to true in about:config
  • Opera USB:
    • new version (Chromium based): [Opera install dir]\[Version number]\plugins\ (thanks and Kooky Tommy in the comments)
    • old version (12x): program/plugins
  • Iron or Chrome Portable: Iron/plugins

NB: as of today (2016-01-23), those instructions are probably quite outdated. I haven’t actually used portable Flash in years, you may want to browse the comments to find up-to-date instructions.
I’m pretty sure Flashplayer.xpt is useless, but I include it because it’s tiny and some people do look for it.
Also, I haven’t actually used any portable browser in a loooong while, so if those instructions are outdated, don’t hesitate to let me know (let’s beat the record number of comments set around Flash player 11 ;)).
Edit: okay this section is totally outdated for Chrome-based browsers now…

3) Last but not least, this is not a magic portable Flash, this is just a repack of the original Flash stuff to make it easier to “install” manually on a device where you don’t have admin rights. So, Flash will, as usual, store the infamous LSO (Local Shared Objects) “cookies” in a system location (in %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player), and you’ll want to delete the stuff in there at the end of your session if you’re also concerned about not leaving tracks and not just about running Flash stuff.

Ok, now I shut up and here is the zip containing NPSWF32_31_0_0_108.dll, FlashPlayerPlugin_31_0_0_108.exe, NPSWF64_31_0_0_108.dll and flashplayer.xpt (the first 2 are the 32 bits version, the third is the 64 bits, and the last is here for, hm, decoration ^^) and now there is also, in the same package, the new Pepper Flash Player files for Chrome-based browsers (those “pepflashplayer” dlls). They are hosted primarily on Megabitload and, which should keep a back up “indefinitely”, and on my server, where only the latest version is guaranteed to be maintained (the previous ones can usually be obtained with a trivial URL manipulation, but whenever I change hosting I drop the older versions, so no guarantee that this will always work). I will also try to upload them to, because some people have reported issues (well, company filtering issues) connecting to the other 2 places, but they delete files after 30 days there, so obviously this will only be suitable for grabbing the latest release while it’s hot.

For developers, here is also the debug version (yes, I don’t upload this one quite regularly because I guess not many people need it – if you do need a more recent debug version let me know).

Last but not least, courtesy from Kooky Tommy in the comments, some Flash ESR packages are available there via Dropbox

Older 20+ versions

Older 19.x versions

Older 18.x versions

Older 17.x versions

Older 16.x versions

Older 15.x versions

Older 14.x versions

Older 13.x versions

Older 12.x versions

Even older versions (<12)

Cf previous post, Flash player 11.9.900.170 for portable browsers (32 and 64 bits)

Original installers

Links to latest versions:
Firefox/Cyberfox and other NPAPI:
Chrome/Iron/Opera and other Pepper:

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  1. dieter says

    version 286 is out.
    Could you please update?

  2. Iron Llama says

    Flash won’t intergrate with SRWare Iron 44.0.2350.0 (Dev version) 64-bit (Win 7 64-bit).
    I’m following PCR’s instructions to the letter, created the directory “plugins” as follows:
    Downloaded Flash_20.0.0.306_portable_32-64_Fx-Chrome.7z
    Extracted the contents of \Fx64 within the archive to the plugins directory, restarted, went to
    getting “Plugin not supported”
    Removed the above files, extracted the contents of \Pepper64 into \plugins, restareted Iron. Still no luck. WTF?

    • patheticcockroach says

      To be honest, the instructions are “a bit” outdated. Someone already mentioned that issue with Iron in a previous comment:
      I don’t know where the files should be unpacked at the moment ๐Ÿ™

      • Iron Llama says

        Got Flash to work in the setup described above by setting up the Iron lauch shortcut as follows:

        C:\IronPortable44_x64\IronPortable.exe --ppapi-flash-path=./plugins/pepflashplayer64_20_0_0_306.dll --ppapi-flash-version=

        For some reason, the animation at

        fails (a .dcr file downloads instead)

        But the test page proper,

        loads up the Flash object (the bouncing Flash logo cube animation) just fine, additionally providing “You have version 20,0,0,306 installed” in the Version Information box. Flash video players on third-party sites also seem to work fine.

      • patheticcockroach says

        Great news! About the animation on the first link, I think it needs the Shockwave plugin, not Flash (although I don’t think anyone uses Shockwave anymore)

  3. Iron Llama says

    FYI: the comments logic here clobbers some strings, e.g. the command line keys I provided in the launch string above began with two minuses, *nix-style – these got automatically translated to a short dash (which would, if anyone were to copypaste the containing string into a Windows shortcut, render the latter inoperable).
    A single minus also works, btw.

  4. Kooky Tommy says

    V18.0.0.333 ESR is available.

  5. Mania says

    Thank you very much!! I don’t have administrative rights on my PC, so the only way is finding the flash dll.

  6. Pacha says

    The latest one for FF is now; please update.


  7. Kooky Tommy says

    V18.0.0.343 ESR is available.

  8. williamwclee says

    no one drive any more ?

  9. Person says

    Thank you very much for constantly updating this!!!

  10. williamwclee says

    one drive please

  11. williamwclee says

    one driver … already there … thankyou

  12. Bogica says

    Why this Flash player doesn’t work on Win 8.1 (works fine on XP)?

    • patheticcockroach says

      Ah, I don’t know. I installed it on Windows 7 and I can’t test it on a more recent Windows, but that’s strange I don’t think the dlls are different depending on the Windows version (except for the 32 vs 64 bits part)

  13. Bogica says

    Could it be for security settings reasons in Windows?

  14. Dieter says is out.
    Could you please upload?


    • patheticcockroach says

      It’s in the comment just above you ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Shame on me I forgot to update the post itself, will do

  15. Dieter says

    Shame on me, sorry. I am so used to your site, i just looked at the top of the page.
    Thanks, i need this for my old loved Opera 12.18 portable.
    Have a nice day!

  16. Rex der Wolf says

    David Tolle Site hast Du, ich habe bei sooft den Flasplayer eingegeben ich bin nie auf Deine Seite gestossen erst durch einer anderen Suchmaschine(;jsessionid=55D55084BF44CC1EBA280875A501DB7E? Ich hoffe Du machst auch weiter wenn es den Flashplayer nicht mehr geben sollte.

    David Super-Tolle Homepage you have, I have with whenever the Flasplayer entered I am never your side encountered only through another search engine( hope you make for us also far if it the Flashplayer not longer to give should.

    รœber “” solltest Du mal was Schreiben oder รผberhaupt Suchmaschinen wรคre bestimmt interessant Artikel.

    Over “” you should times which letters or at all search engines would be certainly interesting articles

    Schรถn wรคre es auch wenn deine Seite auch ein Translator fรผr Germany hat.
    Beautifully it would be even if your side also a translator for Germany has.

    Thanks beautifully for the open ear
    I greet you from Germany

  17. Rex der Wolf says

    Should in this Tread do not clean-fit simply to delete

  18. Rex der Wolf says

    Links for the new Flashplayer
    AX: Internet Explorer (eingebettet unter Windows 8.1)(embedded – Windows 8.1) โ€“ ActiveX
    Edge (eingebettet unter Windows 10)(embedded – Windows 10) โ€“ ActiveX

    AX: Internet Explorer โ€“ ActiveX




    • patheticcockroach says

      Not sure what you mean, I already posted links to the version in a comment just above (dated 2016-07-12, 23:04). I forgot to update the post though, will do

  19. Dieter says Version is actual

    could you please update? Thanks!

  20. Dieter says

    you are right. Thanks for the update!

  21. toolazy666 says

    latest flash version on adobe’s website is, any incoming updates ?

    Thanks for your efforts, made using portable browsers a much better experience.

      • Kooky Tommy says

        V18.0.0.375 ESR is available.

        Future of ESR:
        “ATTENTION: Important Changes to Extended Support Release

        The Extended Support Release was originally created to help minimize the time IT administrators spend certifying a new Flash Player release, by restricting the number of changes introduced in a given release to only security changes and critical functional fixes. At the time, functional changes far outweighed the number of security fixes included with each release of Flash Player. In the modern security landscape; however, the opposite is true and the combination of proactive and responsive security mitigations far outweigh functional changes. In practice, the ESR no longer insulates IT organizations from the vast majority of changes included in the standard Flash Player release, providing little relief in terms of reduced functional risk. As a result, we have decided to discontinue the ESR branch and instead focus solely on the standard release. Focusing on the standard release allows us to be more agile in response scenarios, and to focus more deeply on both testing and new security engineering efforts moving forward.

        To permit organizations sufficient time for testing and certification, the ESR will be maintained and updated until October 11, 2016, after which point organizations will need to transition to the standard release.”

  22. toolazy666 says

    Here are the links for the latest version

    I couldn’t wait so I tried to create my own version using this process :
    – download the .exe installer files
    – install to virtual machine
    – get x32 and x64 files from the “System32\Macromed\Flash” and “SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash” folders, based on file names you release in your version.

    Everything seems to be working fine in Chromium & Cyberfox portable for me (can load flash and reported version numbers are correct), so I’m gonna attach it here if anyone wants to try it out, I hope you don’t mind, and feel free to remove my link/use the files if mine works, couldn’t compress files any more than this though, no idea how you do it.


  23. toolazy666 says

    Also the method I use t run flash in chromium at least (should work for anything chrome-based, maybe?) :

    For ChromiumPortable (portableapps launcher version) :
    – Create this folder structure : ChromiumPortable\Data\App\PepperFlash , and inside it create two folders named “32” & “64”, place the files from the zips there.

    For a portable Chromium setup (using NIK builds and crlauncher) :
    – create the following folder structure : \chrlauncher\[your version 32 or 64]\App\PepperFlash, and inside it create two folders named “32” & “64”, place the files from the zips there.

    I hope this makes sense and can help others, this way you don’t need to add any modifiers to the shortcuts path, it should detect flash automatically.

  24. POI says

    Aloha David et al. ๐Ÿ™‚ NOTE: You’re probably already aware of this, but just in case, PPAPI Flash_23.0.0.162 is BROKEN in XP, Mac & and probably Vista systems in Chromium and it’s many ‘flavors’ (SRW Iron etc.), and Opera. Here’s a thread on this problem: – It seems the simplest solution is to revert back to Do you or anyone else have any other suggestions or information on this?

    Again, we thank you very much for your work!

    • patheticcockroach says

      Thanks for the info! I had no idea about this as I don’t really ever use Flash anymore (I just install it so as to update the packages here ^^), so no idea what else to do.
      I suppose they’ll release a patch at some point?

      • dirk says

        If I take it correctly, Firefox is not affected?

      • patheticcockroach says

        Yup, Firefox doesn’t use PPAPI I think

  25. Dirk says

    No, Firefox uses NPAPI…

  26. POI says

    Correct. FF & all it’s ‘flavors’ (Pale Moon etc.) are not effected. We hope for a patch, but I really believe the Internet PTB (powers that be) & M$ are trying to get rid of us ‘old timers’ using the older OS’s. Since our W7 systems are not affected. We’ve been experiencing a lot of headaches continuing to use XP. So far, we’ve been able to solve every one of them, so they’ll have to pry it away from our cold dead keyboard(s) before we quit using it. We also use Linux and 2003 Server. 2003 Server is also experiencing the above problem with Chromium.

  27. POI says

    Thanks Everyone! This version now working in XP w/ Chromium!
    So far so good.

  28. links says

    Adobe Flash Player

    Links should still be the same as for

  29. Nana says

    Thank you!!

  30. Dieter says

    is out today.

  31. Dieter says

    yo, thanks very quick update!

  32. Alissa says

    Thank you so much!!

  33. Dirk says is here!
    Would you be so kind to make it available to us?

    Tx for your continued effort…

  34. Dirk says

    New version as of today is

    Would appreciate if you could find the time to make it available.

  35. Dieter says

    on MS Patchday a new version is out

    thanks for please updating

    could you perhaps explain how to do this for myself? So I wont have to always ask for an update?
    And so i could do it on my german site.

    • patheticcockroach says

      Thanks both, will do this afternoon.

      As for how to do it, I thought it was mentioned in this post but it’s not indeed… Maybe it’s in a previous one. Long story short: you need to install it normally (ie using the installer), then grab the files where they have been installed, which should be C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed for the 32 bits version and C:\Windows\System32\Macromed for the 64 bits version.
      This is why I can’t update as fast now, as I don’t install Flash on my new PC so I need to go back to the old one to update the portable Flash packages

  36. Dieter says

    Thanks a lot!


    this really doesnt help me a lot. – but it does in another way, thanks.
    I am still too dumb to do this myself.

    I knew it before, how to portabilize software, but i hoped to get informed, to do it a more easy way…
    Adobe Flash is a (might be, but i dont understand) freaking stuff.
    look, you get so much traffic by doing this nice thing.
    oki, i understand.

    I just have to dig more into this.

    did you know this?:

    doing an emulator in javascript? wow…

    Greetings and Thanks!

    • patheticcockroach says

      As far as I know, there isn’t an easier way, although it’s quite easy like that (just not convenient at all). A very long time ago, it was possible to just open the installer with WinZip and then grab the DLLs manually, but it’s no longer feasible. :/

      About the traffic, it used to be big indeed (well, about 1000 downloads per version), but now it’s like 100 downloads per version… Flash is really dying.

      About the emulator: I didn’t know this one but I remember of another one which would emulate Linux (command line) in JavaScript ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      So yeah, lots of things can be done in JS!

      • Dieter says

        Thanks for answering.

        Btw: E-Mail is working, not beeing fake…


  37. Dieter says

    By the way, may i give you some hints about uploading?

    i understand, that they have to earn any money, but of security issues, i depreciate most of them.
    There are so many free to use.

    U might use your own of your many Google Accounts, u get 15 GB of space for free, and its complety anonymous. – just try. – and no nag Screens or anything else…
    Google Accounts are extremely fast. (inbetween downloading)

    I dont understand, why i have to download here from a strange site like….

    doing captchas… etc.

    oki, you do a fallback and sometimes another “second server”

    Howi!!! There is no need to.

    Oki, please dont misunderstand me.

    I feel sorry


    PS: Sorry, i didnt want to harm you, i like your site…


    • patheticcockroach says

      I always upload to 3 sites:
      – Onedrive (Microsoft cloud storage) – the folder is there:!112&cid=1E3D1EA3906A35B6
      – my own server (, which is a direct link and should download up to 100 Mbps

      I use for historical reasons, as I’ve used them for ages (they were my replacement when Megaupload got taken down), and because it’s very convenient to upload there (basically, I give them the link on my server and they fetch it and voilร ). I sometimes forget Onedrive, but in any case I always upload to my server (as I use this mirror to then send the file to

  38. Dieter says

    oh, please, please

    dont misunderstand me.
    i am awfully sorry…

    yo, i know, and thanks for that.
    oh my damn.
    sorry, if you got it anything wrong.
    I really love your site, especially the portable adobe flash thingy..

    I just wanted to help you out of this, because i found it annoying with these download providers, but as i see, there is no need to do this, so, i just wanted to help.



    • patheticcockroach says

      It’s ok, I got it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just wanted to clarify there’s already an option for everyone, in case you missed them ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’m aware that for instance I don’t advertise the Onedrive link often, because it’s mainly here for some Chinese users who find it a lot faster than the 2 other mirrors, due to country-specific network issues.
      The reason why I don’t put the direct link first is because it’s not guaranteed to last long (whenever I change host I drop all old Flash versions), while the link remains up as long as there is one download every month or 2.

  39. Dieter says

    You misunderstoood me, sorry!112&cid=1E3D1EA3906A35B6

    doesnt work for me. –!112&cid=1E3D1EA3906A35B6

    its by the way a bunch of shit, you may have a microsoft account..

    hell out of that…


    Your own Homepage?

    I am now quite upset.

    U are kidding me.

    I love your site, but…


    • patheticcockroach says

      I just checked the Onedrive link again, from Tor: it works. No need to log in, not even an anti-bot protection (Google gives me a hard time when I want to reach it from Tor). It’s very weird that you encounter problems reaching it…

      As for yes it is my server. This subdomain is dedicated to hosting static contents, so the base URL is empty (and doesn’t allow listing so shows up as “forbidden”), but direct links to files will work (again, working ok from Tor to grab )

      If you have problems reaching those files, maybe your ISP or your network admin is messing with you :s

      • Ghin says

        Thank you very much!!!! You’re a lifesaver for people with a locked business PC and a different architecture at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Salamandra says released, will you please update?

  41. Dirk says

    Sorry to burden wou with this, but version has just been released…

    Tks for your continued effort. We all appreciate this.

  42. Dieter says

    Yes, thanks for all your efforts. is outrolled


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