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Flash player 11.9.900.170 for portable browsers (32 and 64 bits)

Flash 11 is outdated, you should rather get Flash 12 there (well, except for Linux where the latest version is 11.2.x and still maintained at the moment)

Since it seems version 11.9.900.170 is still somehow in high demand, I just added a new mirror here.

An important warning to Tor (would-be) users: if you choose to add the Flash plugin to TorBrowser (or whatever browser you use with Tor), this will most likely BREAK the anonymity. Flash tends to connect using any connection it can get, so it’s able to leak your IP to any site that really wants to get it.

Adobe just released a new version of their Flash Player: version 11 final aka (now updated to 11.9.900.170). The main new feature is that it finally has a 64 bits version! There’s also Stage 3D, which allows 3D GPU rendering, finally graphic intensive Flash games will be fast ^^. I’m not sure of what was subsequently added in versions 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3. I suppose versions 11.3.300.262 and .265 fix the chaos introduced in 11.3.300.257 with all the crashes in plugin-based browsers (at least, with Opera and Fx). This paragraph is now quite oudated… can’t wait for version 12 so that I can finally start a brand new Flash post from scratch…

To use that Flash portable, unpack it into the plugin folder for your browser, that is (paths are relative paths, relative to the portable browser’s root directory):

  • Firefox Portable: Data/plugins + set plugins.load_appdir_plugins to true in about:config
  • Opera USB: program/plugins
  • Iron or Chrome Portable: Iron/plugins

Note that Flashplayer.xpt is useless, it’s only included because it’s tiny and some people do look for it.

Here is the zip containing NPSWF32.dll (actually now named NPSWF32_11.9.900.170.dll) and flashplayer.xpt, and NPSWF64_11.9.900.170.dll, and also the new FlashPlayerPlugin_11.9.900.170.exe executable, which as far as I understood is related to Flash getting executed within a sandbox now (for some reason this executable is only provided with the 32 bits version though). You can choose your preferred download host between Megaupload and Filesonic, however note that the files hosted on FileSonic vanish after 30 days without a download, so usually only the latest versions (latest stable + latest preview if newer than stable) remain online there. Megaupload on the other hand should have all history of my uploads. It’s now on MediaFire and, which I believe don’t delete old files (at least MediaFire doesn’t), so apart from the oldest versions lost in the Megaupload takedown, the more recent ones should be all there.

For developers, here is also the debug version 11.7.700.202.

Older versions

If you’re interested in even older versions, here are (NB: due to Megaupload’s closure, almost all of them are offline now :():

Bonus: megaupload and filesonic directories MediaFire directory with all my Flash Portable uploads (since the day MU was shutdown and I lost most of my previous versions…). Note that the MegaUpload one also contains a few other portable things, while the FileSonic one is regularly purged of files not downloaded within the last 30 days (so usually it contains only a few most recent versions):
(NB: those are here just for historical purpose, MU was taken down by the FBI and FS purges the files so often that the folder is empty…)

NB: in Windows 7, after installation, Flash can be found in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed for the 32 bits version and C:\Windows\System32\Macromed for the 64 bits version.

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28 Responses

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  1. Luigi says

    Could you use to download new version?

    • Luigi says

      I can download, thanks!

      • patheticcockroach says

        Oh, so they lifted the block on my img subdomain? Good news 🙂

      • Luigi says

        No David,
        it’s possible for me to download from but not from your subdomain.

      • patheticcockroach says

        lol, so they unblocked the domain name used quite massively for copyright-infringement but left my clean subdomain blocked. Sounds logical. Anyway, glad you’re able to download one way or another…

      • Luigi says

        I suspect that block come up when url category is none.

      • Luigi says

        today says: “You have reached the max. number of possible free downloads for this hour, please try again in an hour or purchase one of our …” even if this is not true. The other mirror URL is filtered because the “URL Category” detected by the firewall is “none” so may you define a second mirror in dropbox?

      • patheticcockroach says

        Does this one work? (it’s the storage space provided by my e-mail provider) I don’t have a Dropbox account and I’m not too enthusiast about them…

        On a side note, probably you’re on a shared corporate IP and other people there downloaded from 😉

      • Luigi says

        When I try to download the responses are:

        Bandwidth Restricted: The page you have tried to access is not available because the owner of the file you are trying to access has exceeded our short term bandwidth limits. Please try again shortly.

        Details: 451 A file of this size would cause “” to exceed the per-day file bandwidth limit of 20.00 MB, try again later

      • patheticcockroach says

        Wow, the quota is supposed to be 500M per IP per 10 minutes… Looks like something is wrong on their side, or maybe it’s because I’m still on my trial period.
        Anyway, does Mega work? Could be a nice place to set up a regular mirror, with all the storage they offer:!6gp0mL5S!nxiVxqKxBjCvDj_w6hSKCeX9lH-EMFEph_Twae8rgjw

      • Luigi says

        No way. Mega is blocked

      • patheticcockroach says

        Well I guess it means OVH then:

      • Luigi says

        All right

  2. d says

    Why the sketchy Uploaded link/exe? Really, everybody….WATCH WHAT THE INSTALLER TRIES TO PUT ON YOUR COMPUTER. ‘Decline’ is your friend.

    Will provide this without the sketchiness on a torrent.

    • patheticcockroach says

      1) There’s no exe apart from the one contained in the zip, which is also the executable provided by Adobe along with Flash 32 bits.
      2) has ads yet is clean, I think. Anyway I go there with AdBlock Edge and Ghostery, and in this case it’s really clean.
      3) Just use the “backup mirror”, it’s a direct link.
      4) Feel free to make it a torrent, however you should know that the reason why I put this in a Zip instead of a 7z / LZMA archive is because most people download this from work, where it’s already hard enough to unzip 7-Zip file… So I guess it’s quite uncommon to be able to download a torrent from there…

      also 5) there’s no installer. If for some reason you end up with an installer while downloading from this link, at some point you chose a very wrong option… The file is/should be a zip. I know some hosters try to make you download their home-made download manager, this shouldn’t be the case of as far as I know, but if you do end up with an installer, delete it and try again, and be careful about the download options you pick, this time.

    • asdqwd says

      fuck you

  3. Ren says

    Version out.

    • Ren says

      Nvm, notice it at top now. 😀

    • patheticcockroach says

      Yeah since it’s a new “major” version (although I’m not sure there’s really something major about it) I’m planning to make a new post because this one is getting crowded. So in the meantime I just put it at the top.

  4. PCRisgreat says

    Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! 🙂

  5. PCRisgreat says

    Version is out, could you be so kind to release it your way dear PCR ?

    • patheticcockroach says

      Yup, I saw that this morning (apparently some quite problematic security issue being actively exploited) but didn’t find the time to upload it until now. Here it is, at the top of the post…. I also really need to make that new, separate post on Flash 12

      • PCRisgreat says

        Thanks a lot !!! 🙂

  6. annone says

    • Flash 11.8.800.168 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.8.800.94 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.7.700.169 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.6.602.180 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.6.602.171 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.6.602.168 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.5.502.149 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.5.502.146 for portable browsers
    • Flash 11.5.502.110 for portable browsers

    were removed from (

    • patheticcockroach says

      Yeah, it seems like purge their space more aggressively than MediaFire… On the other hand it also means that noone downloaded those files in a looong while. I don’t really have a solution to that, I don’t keep those old files myself.

  7. user says

    How about plugin.vch???

    • patheticcockroach says

      Is that a new dependency? I do have such a file, never noticed it before though (and all used to work fine without it)

  8. Stranger says

    Is it working in 02.2021?

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