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LaTeX: solving “pdflatex.EXE (file t1-zi4r-0): Font t1-zi4r-0 not found”

Got that puzzling error, “pdflatex.EXE (file t1-zi4r-0): Font t1-zi4r-0 not found“, which was blocking me when trying to build an R package. At a higher level in the code, the error message was a more obscure “Warning: running command Rcmd.exe Rd2pdf had status 1“.

Anyway, that second one means there’s been an error, and the first one is the clue: a font is missing. Problem: Latex is supposed to fetch missing files on the fly, and for some reason in this case it didn’t. No obvious solution to this, LaTeX was working very fine apart from that. So I just tried the random thing to do: update it (hadn’t updated it since install time about 2 years ago – oops).
And that turned out to be it. The install was so old that I needed to run the update program twice, once to update the update program and core, and once to perform the hefty amount of package updates. After the update, running the R package builder again made LaTex successfully fetch the missing font (said hello to the firewall 😉 ), and all worked. Tada 🙂

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