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More other various drafts

I don’t think I’ll ever find the time to write a full post about those, so here they are:

USDA National Nutrient Database

A great database to find out what nutrients are in lots of foods: Over 7500 foods in the database as of September 2009, see also:

Google China block report

The page has actually already been replaced by a totally useless “world wide transparency report” (well, not exactly useless but totally different and not providing at all the feature that the page used to provide). Still, that’s where Google used to post block status of their services in China:

Prevent Firefox from scanning downloaded files

Around version 2 or 3, Firefox acquired some highly annoying behaviors, like running the anti-virus scanner on every downloaded file and tagging all downloaded executable so that Windows asks you whether you’re sure you want to launch them (Windows security policy checks)… This can avoiding by configuring to false. See also:
(in Firefox <3.7 the security checks are disabled using a separate setting:

Virus sample submissions

I made this list by a time I repeatedly got quite a few viruses and false positives: where to submit samples to common anti-virus vendors:

Also, places to submit suspicious files (multi anti-virus checkers):

And finally, a free rescue solution:
AVG rescue CD/USB:

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