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aToaD #17: scripts on + roundmypic

Online various string conversion, like base64 to hexadecimal

I’ve been having issues creating tokens for the Apple Push Notification Service, and among other thing the app would sometimes produce base64 tokens. The library I use for sending the pushes from the server requires base16 / hexadecimal tokens, and also I found that checking the validity of base64 tokens is a bit less obvious than the base16 ones although I suppose that’s more of a personal convenience. Anyhow, so I searched for a convenient online tool to convert between the 2 formats, and eventually I found those tools on, with a base64 to hexadecimal converter but also quite a few others (hex to base 32, ASCII, DEC, etc, etc). There it is:

While I’m at it, on another topic but I don’t think it would deserve a separate post, a tool to easily round the corners of a picture (great to produce an application icon for Android) without shadow or other fancy effects (although there’s an option to add bevel effect). I found that a “Round Size” value of about 10% of the picture size looks decent (e.g. if width and height=1000px, round size=100px looks okay IMO). There it is: Round My Pic

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