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Xcode and iOS apps tips & tricks for beginners (part 4)

(the previous part 3 is there)

How to create a binary tagged “only for iPhone” (or only for iPad)
It’s used to be a pretty user-friendly Targets > Summary > Devices in the project settings, and then you could choose between iPhone, iPad or Universal (the latter meaning both iPhone and iPad).
For some reason, they changed that, and as of Xcode 7.2, this can be configured in your project main file (project.pbxproj), in Build Settings > Deployment > Targeted Device Family. That’s still easy to find, but the tricky part is that now Xcode only show the code number of the device. So, “1” means iPhone, “2” means iPad, and of course “1,2” means both/universal. In the pbxproj file, this is stored in the TARGETED_DEVICE_FAMILY variable.
Of course I could have just tried both to see in what case my binary would by for iPhone or iPad, but thanks to this page for giving away the meaning of the numbers.

How to add users to Testflight internal testing
External testing is simple enough, just add users by e-mail. Internal testing is more constrained, as you can only invite your team members to it. It’s actually pretty easy, but there’s a catch which resides in the definition of team member. It turns out there are 2 distinct teams: Apple Developer Program and iTunes Connect. The former is managed from (then click on “People” in the menu). The latter is managed from
The team where you want to add people for internal Testflight testing is the iTunes Connect one, the other doesn’t matter for this. According to the Apple help, only members with some specific roles can be added as internal testers, personally I configured all of them as “Developer”, even though they aren’t really developers. The Apple help on roles is there, but as of today it doesn’t perfectly match the roles that can be assigned… Once people are added to iTunes Connect, they can be added to internal testing.

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