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aToad #21: ConEmu

Free and open-source console replacement for Windows

Well it’s not exactly a console replacement as it uses the native console, however it’s a huge GUI improvement. I switched to it mainly for the comfortable copy/pasting of console content (which is near to impossible in the native console as it’s totally impractical), but it features other nice stuff such as tabs, improved colors, and many other things I don’t use (yet).
The name is ConEmu, and it’s still actively being developed (created in 2006, latest update at time of writing just a week ago).

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  1. Franck Dernoncourt says

    I use ditto in Windows 7:
    Otherwise in Windows 10 you can (finally!) do copy-pasting:

    • patheticcockroach says

      Do you use Win 10 already? Was wondering whether to install it on my next laptop.

      About Ditto:
      1) It’s great for pasting stuff into the command line, however it doesn’t make it any easier to select some text from the console and copy it, does it?
      2) I stopped using it a while back after I noticed that the purge feature (like, “purge all things copied more than a day ago”) didn’t work (ie I was able to find passwords that I copy/pasted a month ago 😮 ). Is it fixed now?

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