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Passive data structure in TypeScript

I really like this kind of construct in C/C++

struct Point
  double x;
  double y;

as a way to have a structured dictionary that should have nice auto-completion.

After learning the TypeScript way to do it in a course I forgot it, before finding it back so I’ll save it here for safekeeping ^^ Basically, the TypeScript solution to create a PDS / “plain old data structure” / “POD-structs” (not really sure how to call those…) is to hijack the interface, like this:

interface Point
  number x;
  number y;

This way when you declare

let mypoint: Point = {x: 1, y: 5};

you’ll then have autocompletion to access mypoint.x and mypoint.y. And since TypeScript’s interfaces completely vanish during compilation, that “misuse” won’t have any consequence.

Thanks to this article with many strange data structures for pointing me to the solution 🙂

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