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aToad #24: Bulk Rename Utility and Duplicate Files Finder

The names are pretty self-explanatory… A mass file renamer and a tool to find duplicate files

Bulk Rename Utility is a Windows freeware that makes it “easy” to mass rename files.
On the plus side, it has plenty of features, you can use regular expressions, use ID3 tags and EXIF meta data, change the case, add some numbering, preview file name changes, change the files creation date, etc, etc. On the minus side, that feature-richness comes at a price: it’s not very simple to use. Particularly when you don’t use it very often: since I rarely use it, most of the times I use it I have to check the help file first. Still, I find it pretty great.

Duplicate Files Finder is a multi-platform (Windows/BSD/Linux) free and open source software that allows you to detect duplicate files and delete them. Pick the directories you want to include in the scan and hit Go. Or optionally, you can include or exclude specific files names, and filter your search with minimal and maximal file sizes (excluding tiny files can speed up the search and make the results more readable).
The scan is pretty fast, as it first matches files with their size, and only then compares those that have the same size. The only big weakness of this software is that deletion of duplicates can only be done one by one, i.e. for every file that has duplicates, you have to manually select which one you want to keep. So, it’s good to deal with a few large duplicated files, but it’s not very effective to deal with many small duplicates (all the more reason to exclude smaller files from the search, IMO). Still, my typical use case is mostly on large-ish files that are not too numerous (or whole duplicate folders), so it does the job efficiently enough.

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