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Preventing FileZilla’s quickconnect from saving your passwords

I recently started to see if I could use Portable FileZilla as an emergency FTP client in case something goes wrong on wiki4games or With this I could notably use the FTP even from work, if needed. But while testing, I found a little issue: the quickbar doesn’t have an option not to save the password. And I’d prefer to use the quickconnect bar because I don’t want save my accounts on the portable version so it’s quite faster than using the Site Manager every time.

I suppose you’re thinking:

  • If I clear the quickconnect bar every time, what’s the problem with it saving the passwords? => Well, what if I forget to clear the quickconnect bar?
  • The quickconnect bar doesn’t save the password if you don’t type it in the bar (source: comment by Denis “If you don’t enter a password in the “Quickconnect” bar, FileZilla will ask for the password when you connect. But in this case, the password won’t be saved […]”), so just don’t type the password in the bar. => Well, what if I accidentally enter it anyway?

As you can see, the risks are low but they do exist: all is set up as if it was conceived just in the purpose of getting you to make a mistake (no confirmation when saving the password, need to clear manually on exit). But fortunately, the FileZilla crew provided us with a solution a while ago: the “Kiosk mode”. Introduced in version 3.1.2-rc1 (2008-08-24), it will prevent FileZilla from writing any passwords to the disk if set to 1. It was updated in version 3.2.3 (2009-03-21) with a new possible value of 2 which prevents FileZilla from writing to any settings files. To configure the Kiosk mode, add <Setting name="Kiosk mode">2</Setting> withing the Settings block in fzdefaults.xml (in FileZilla Portable, this file is located in App/filezilla).
Beware: setting the Kiosk mode to 1 or 2 will not clear existing passwords, it will just prevent FileZilla from saving new passwords. To remove already saved password you need to do this manually (just clear the quickconnect bar).


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  1. Lisa says

    Great post – many thanks! Just what I was looking for. I do prefer WinSCP to Filezilla, but WinSCP is soooo slooow! So when I have a large number of files to transfer, I go with Filezilla – but I’m not too keen it’s auto “save password” feature.
    Thanks again!

  2. John says

    Important post – Some days ago a maschine in my agency was infected with a trojan stealing all credentials saved in filezilla. All sites were infected and we had lots of work cleaning them up …

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