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20 reasons the world despises Norton Anti-Virus

“Norton anti-virus sucks, and the world despises it. Why is it around ? Because Compaq bundles it with their PCs. Geek Squad at Best Buy hands it out to old ladies who can’t even get their monitors on. With the history laid, here are the top twenty reasons why the world despises Norton…”

The original article has been dugg and is completely down for the moment, so here is a copy :

20. Having to type in your serial number while installing, and then activate it within 20 days of installation.
19. When Norton corrupts downloading files.
18. When Norton uninstalls its self because a virus threatened it.
17. The stupid task bar tool bar thing that has pop-ups the size of greater Atlanta.
16. The live update reminders.
15. The CPU and RAM consuming virus scans.
14. Its inability to delete any virus, even ones that a three-year-old wrote.
13. How it re-adds its self to your computers start up list.
12. When it says you have spyware on your computer, then does nothing.
11. How when it quarantines a virus, it copies it to the folder.
10. If you use it to delete adware it changes your homepage and locks it.
9. After using Norton to delete spyware it tells you that you have to re-install it to open Microsoft Word.
8. The virus definitions in a Mexican health clinic are more up to date than Norton’s.
7. Norton is over hyped and over-priced.
6. Requires a subscription every year.
5. On any operating system other than XP if your computer gets a virus Norton’s only defense is to initiate “the blue screen of doom”
4. If it comes bundled with a computer and you don’t run thorough set up it will pop back up every time you log in.
3. It tried to tell me that dtgeeks was giving me a virus.
2. The latest version blocks ports that are critical to 99.9% of Internet gaming connections.
And now for the number one reason why Norton is despised worldwide:
1. Because after you realize Norton is crap. You will also find the folder is missing the uninstaller, just like many kinds of adware.

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