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How to install Flash Player on Chrome and Iron Portable

Iron is an open source web browser based on Chromium and published by SRWare. Basically, the main difference with Google Chrome is that it’s fully open source (as far as I know, Chromium is open source but Chrome isn’t) and that it’s not published by Google. Other important differences are: better privacy (see details there), no mandatory auto-updater, native ad blocker, and an easily changeable user-agent (via UA.ini). Last but not least, it’s published both as an installable app and as a portable app. It’s updated quite frequently, the latest stable version is 4.0.280 while the latest beta is 5.0.380, which seems to be as up-to-date as Chrome.

Anyway, I decided that since this one is Google-free I could give it a go and add it to my portable software arsenal. And as with the portable Firefox and Opera the Flash player issue came up. The new problem? The plug-in folder was nowhere to be found. I eventually tried my luck and put it in the Iron root folder and… it worked. So, the steps to install Flash on Iron portable are:

  • Create a folder called plugins in Iron root folder (so, Iron/plugins) (if you need more pointers this means that the plugins folder is at the same level as the extensions folder – Iron/extensions).
  • Get a copy of NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt (see the guide for Firefox portable)
  • Place those in the plugins folder
  • Restart Iron

For Chrome portable (if for some reason you insist on getting that one), the process should be the same (I didn’t check it).

Update (June 1): you can also grab Flash 10.1 RC6 there.
Update (June 12): you can grab Flash 10.1 final here.

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  1. MJ says

    Just a quick note, I’m using Iron Portable 13.0.800.1 and you have to put the two files into “IronPortable\App\Iron\Plugins” now.

  2. patheticcockroach says

    Thanks for the info, but are you sure about that? I don’t even find an “App” folder in the Iron Portable 13 installer

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