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Flash for portable browsers

Important notice: this page seems to be getting more traffic than it should: the version presented here is outdated, check out the Flash category for the latest posts with Flash portable. Usually I do one post per major release, as I’m writing the current stable version is 10.2 and the current release candidate is 10.3. 10.1 is OUTDATED (security issues, etc).

Edit again: seriously guys, I don’t know what I could do to point you to the CURRENT version, no matter what I write here those broken, outdated links get more traffic than the non-broken, direct download, up-to-date links… Are there so many people actually looking for middle age versions of Flash? Or are people too much in a hurry to click the download link to even check the version? That’s a mystery. Still, again, if you do want a modern, up-to-date version, check out the most recent posts in the Flash category.

Original post follows…

Not so long ago I posted links to portable versions of Flash 10.1 RC6 and RC7. I thought I’d make a separate post for the final thing. So here they are, the famous NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt (edit: dead link) files for Flash 10.1 final. In case you missed the posts about this, here is a very concise summary of where to place those files for the different portable browsers:

  • Firefox Portable: Data/plugins
  • Opera USB: program/plugins
  • Iron Portable: Iron/plugins
  • Chrome Portable: get Iron you freak! :p

Note that this is not an official release from Adobe, it’s a custom, “home-made” package.
Also, note that Flash is not 100% portable: some sites will leave Local Shared Objects (LSO) on the computer where you use it. To remove them, you can either use the BetterPrivacy Firefox extension or Adobe’s Global Storage Settings panel (to disable future storing of LSOs) and Adobe’s Website Storage Settings panel (to delete already stored LSOs).

Old version:

In a ZIP: Flash for portable browsers
For slower connections: auto-extractable LZMA2/7-Zip archive (dead links)

Old version:

In a ZIP: Flash for portable browsers (dead link).

Old version: 10.1.53

As a 7-zip: Flash 10.1.53 (dead link ).
If you don’t want to grab 7-Zip portable, here are the same Flash files but in a ZIP archive (dead link).

As requested in a comment, here are the SHA 512 checksums (dead link):
SHA512 of file: NPSWF32.dll
dcdf4dccb5359a36 607a85c3034ef6f0 7a3597c0af00d42f bebee5c12af534fa
39ff83f8a3bc9f15 802cb3d18a138d44 41292b8f9032e758 73ef55d530ea1400

SHA512 of file: flashplayer.xpt
494146bb31cf0e11 5a6e1c632a8ed560 8046f5a8b2bbc900 832befb07b8f1425
81483c222067e440 5fc2755b5acf722d 576ac04b2b6d9f79 6e5a872fd5c7ddc9

Update: added Flash (the checksums are still those of 10.1.53 though)

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16 Responses

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  1. Wrin says

    Love, love, LOVE you for this, Thanks so much!

  2. Flash user says

    Could you post the checksums as well so we can compare?

  3. patheticcockroach says

    SHA 512 checksums added

  4. dan says

    Thanks for this. Just what I was looking for since the XPI installer hasn’t been updated to 10.1

  5. patheticcockroach says

    Actually, I think they gave up the XPI because it’s kind of pointless since, without tweaking, it works only with Firefox… They should rather turn the XPI into a zip IMO. I guess they consider that the users who need the portable version can manage on their own, which sounds actually right since you’re here 🙂

  6. Pedro says

    Not working for me… I get version instead of 10.1…

    I downloaded the zip from megaupload, uncompressed it, and the NPSWF32.dll is the 10.0… version. 😛


  7. patheticcockroach says

    It’s not a zip it’s a 7-zip file… so I guess you picked a wrong file? I just checked to be sure, the archive is named Flash 10.1 final.7z and the Adobe Flash Player version checker does say it’s version “WIN 10,1,53,64”.
    On a side note, sounds like the version within the outdated XPI…

  8. Mark says

    Is there any way to generate the files in a .ZIP format? Obviously I’m stuck at work, where I can’t install anything…and our WinZIP version isn’t up to date in being able to tackle 7z files.

  9. patheticcockroach says

    It’s funny you mention this, I was in the process of releasing a portable version of the latest 7-zip beta 🙂 Anyway, here is this Flash as a ZIP:

  10. Beinme says

    Damn.. need this but doesn’t work on MU. Re-up?

  11. patheticcockroach says

    Sorry, I don’t have backups for such old versions… Any particular reason why you can’t use version 11.1? I see quite a few people in the stats trying to get 10.x and not trying to get 11.x; that feels weird.

  12. patheticcockroach says

    Links are dead, I don’t have backups for those archives, so there will be no reup. If you happen to need an old version but don’t mind about it being within an installer (so, non-portable), Adobe keeps an archive of their old Flash versions there:

  13. j says

    loads of people don’t have admin os 10.3 version should be available…

    • patheticcockroach says

      Sure, but usually people without admin permission don’t have any valid reason for needing a 4 year old version with tons of known security vulnerabilities. My point about grabbing the installer yourself was:
      1) grab the installer
      2) install it on your personal PC where you do have admin permission
      3) go to the installation folder and pick the flash dll like I do for my repacks
      4) use those dlls on the PC where you don’t have admin permissions

      • Melroy van den Berg says

        You can also upload this files? Makes it easier for me, at home I don’t have Windoos running at my office I do.

      • patheticcockroach says

        Are you sure this is not Flash 13 that you want? If so, which specific version do you need? I’ll see if I can grab an antique installer and repack it within a VM.

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