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Asus M50Vn seriously crashing since mid/end July 2010

Last Sunday, my Asus M50Vn crashed like I’d never seen before while I was working playing “working” for Wiki4Games: while getting ready in Alien Swarm’s limbo, the PC suddenly shutdown. Not a BSoD, not a freeze, just an immediate shutdown, with the computer switch’s “click”. At first I even thought it was a hardware failure, but I turned it back on without a problem, and it worked fine for the rest of the day. The day after, while doing basic stuff on the desktop (some OpenOffice and such), the screen suddenly went all blue and blinking at the bottom, and I had to do a hard reboot. This time this looked more like software trouble, so I thought about what could possibly have recently changed on that PC. And something had, indeed: I updated the graphics drivers the Saturday just before (because I hoped it would help with the shitloads of crashes I got with the Lead and Gold demo): I upgraded the 197.16 drivers to 258.96. So, well, this was time for a downgrade ^^. And it indeed solved the problem.

So, to sum up, NVIDIA graphics drivers version 258.96 may create trouble on the Asus M50Vn with a GeForce 9650M GT running Windows XP. If you experience random crashes with this notebook and those drivers, try to downgrade to 197.16.

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