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The funny search queries that bring you here (v2)

Half a year ago I made a little post with a few noticeable search queries I find in the site’s stats. How about doing it again? 😉

doctor who curses of the black spots: it’s The Curse of the Black Spot, only one curse and no acne involved.

does web installer use less disk space than standalone installer: the installer does. The program once installed doesn’t.

download windows sdk iso compressed: sure, with all the trouble it is to find that ISO you think they’ll provide a compressed version of it? Good one 😀 (plus, actually, what’s inside the ISO is fairly properly compressed already, you can’t really expect more than a few percents if you compress the ISO itself I think)

jdownloader won’t open a dlc: jDownloader is a naughty boy ^^

huge notepad: haha, I can’t believe my post about Piwik’s huge database is first on this. But you’ll probably want to try TopGun or TheGun. Those are 2 tiny text editors written in assembler (MASM) and which are able to deal with fairly large text files.

what does facebook consider threatening comments?: uh… why are you asking me?

chrome browser beating everyone else: did I say that? Mkay, maybe I did, but you have to see it in context though.

mass decryption jdownloader: massive pirate, arr!

pngout source: I guess this was “search like a pirate” day.

is there suppossed to be a difference between copyright and patent law: yup: you copyright the software, you patent what it does.

how to add someone as a bit on the side on facebook: …

hide mediawiki version: it’s actually possible but a bit tedious (needs to be done manually every time you upgrade MediaWiki – maybe there’s a better way though, but I didn’t find it yet), basically you need to sabotage the Special:Version page.

why visual c++ 2010 so expensive?: because it’s Microsoft. Troll aside, actually, non-free development products are usually quite expensive indeed. They’re a pain to develop and don’t really get a lot of customers, so high costs supported by few sales = big price. You should see the price of Intel Compilers!

why is xp refusing to install safari setup saying it is not a legitimate 32 application: interesting one… never had such an issue…

imagej captcha: Hi there, trying to develop a spambot? 😀

how to reply to a fake account request: grow a brain… for instance you can just ignore it, it usually works fine. Or you can accept it, for fun. That’s what the “Limited profile” category is for.

jaymod filezilla: what the heck are you trying to do… ?

why firefox slow in peacekeeper: because it’s Firefox. Abbreviated Fx and NOT FF, for the record.

And a nice finish: “are you sure you know this person” 😀

Well, that’s all I found after browser about 2 weeks of queries, time to call it a post I guess…

Update (2018-07-04)

Coming here to do a bit of cleanup, what a blast from the past…
Search engines first stopped giving away search keywords, and then the switch to HTTPS, which usually blocks referer data from leaking (not sure if that’s still the case now that everything is HTTPS though), finished completely removing that source of data.

I’m all for privacy, so I appreciate the theoretical effort. However, when you search in Google, does not leaking your search term to the site you visit truly improve privacy? Considering you’re typing into Google in the first place, no it doesn’t. With the exception, I guess, of the case where you typed your own full name in the search. For alternative search engines, that’s another story, it does make sense for them to hide referer data, this way when you land of a random site (which has like 95% chances to contain at least one GAFAM tracker), well you’re protected (a very little bit) against the said GAFAM. But that’s not quite the majority case.
In the end, you have Google sitting on this big pile of search data, forcing webmasters to create a Google Account if they want to access them. What seemed like a good idea turned out to have pretty serious side effects. Hurray for decentralization.

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