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Thanks for the RSS time machine, PubMed

PubMed offers the pretty neat functionality to turn a search query into an RSS feed (this is achieved simply by hitting the “RSS” link below the search field, then choosing the number of items, between 15 and 100, and then grabbing your customized RSS link). This is great if you want to be kept updated with the latest articles on a specific topic, without the need to actually go run the query every now and then: you can just add this RSS feed to your usual RSS aggregator and stay tuned.

I’m currently using Netvibes, and, well, here’s how my PubMed feed looks:
Netvibes: PubMed RSS time machine!

Doc are you telling me you built a time machine?

Seems like PubMed isn’t really tagging article times properly. At first I thought this was because sometimes some articles are published online before the actual print date, so my query could most likely contain a few articles published online but due to appear later (maybe even next year) in the corresponding printed issues. However, checking out the feed source code I realized that it just lacks any date and time indication. So Netvibes register them as “right now”, and for some reason it causes them to appear as being from the future.

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