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Flash player 12.x to for portable browsers (32 and 64 bits)

Note (2018-09-14): due to lack of time (and interest, and how is Flash still alive anyway?), today’s upload of version will be the last version I repackage. Thanks for hanging around all this time ๐Ÿ™‚ (and good luck with the few rare sites that still somehow near the end of 2018 require you to use Flash)

Skip to the download links if you’re too lazy to read or if you already know what you’re doing

Latest version for download here: for Firefox and Chrome. Mirrors are available in article and/or in the latest comments. If this is out of date, don’t hesitate to bump me in comments, I don’t check for updates quite regularly.

Note (2018-07-18): as far as I know, the instructions are now totally outdated and basically the only relevant part of this post is the download links. I’m not using Flash anymore, be it portable or not, so I don’t know what the up-to-date setup voodoo is (on a side note, thanks very much to browsers for always changing that shit). But you’ll probably find interesting pointers among the most recent comments.

Finally, about 2 years and a half after Flash 11, Adobe recently released Flash 12, and quite quickly later, Flash 13 to 16. I don’t think there’s anything major in this release, the previous version was 11.9.x and I guess they preferred 12.0.x rather than getting into 11.10.x and such. I have no idea about the changelog, although from previous experience on the 11.x branch, it’s probably mainly security and bug fixes. The Linux version was discontinued at version 11.2 (although they still update this one with security fixes, current version being, which you can grab there), so probably even Adobe see Flash’s end coming. Which will be a sad day for me too, because quite a few people land here thanks to it ๐Ÿ˜‰ although much fewer lately because it seems Google hates me since last summer ๐Ÿ™ (I guess I can say it now that the traffic coming from them shredded to the point it became almost negligible, so even if they bury me even more I shouldn’t feel much difference – for instance, yesterday’s traffic: Bing + Duckduckgo brought me half the traffic Google brought)

Anyway, the usual mentions:

1) If you’re planning to use this with Tor, you should also plan to say goodbye to IP anonymity (which I believe is the main reason for using Tor): Flash will connect without much regards for your Tor Browser proxy settings so it can leak your IP to someone willing to get it. Well, maybe there’s a way to make it safer, but seriously using browser plugins such as Java and Flash while trying to be anonymous is like trying to win a race while starting late on purpose.

2) To “install” it into your portable browser, grab the correct files (either 32 or 64 bits) and put it in the plugin folder (which you may need to create yourself), which is:

  • Firefox Portable: Data/plugins + set plugins.load_appdir_plugins to true in about:config
  • Opera USB:
    • new version (Chromium based): [Opera install dir]\[Version number]\plugins\ (thanks and Kooky Tommy in the comments)
    • old version (12x): program/plugins
  • Iron or Chrome Portable: Iron/plugins

NB: as of today (2016-01-23), those instructions are probably quite outdated. I haven’t actually used portable Flash in years, you may want to browse the comments to find up-to-date instructions.
I’m pretty sure Flashplayer.xpt is useless, but I include it because it’s tiny and some people do look for it.
Also, I haven’t actually used any portable browser in a loooong while, so if those instructions are outdated, don’t hesitate to let me know (let’s beat the record number of comments set around Flash player 11 ;)).
Edit: okay this section is totally outdated for Chrome-based browsers now…

3) Last but not least, this is not a magic portable Flash, this is just a repack of the original Flash stuff to make it easier to “install” manually on a device where you don’t have admin rights. So, Flash will, as usual, store the infamous LSO (Local Shared Objects) “cookies” in a system location (in %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player), and you’ll want to delete the stuff in there at the end of your session if you’re also concerned about not leaving tracks and not just about running Flash stuff.

Ok, now I shut up and here is the zip containing NPSWF32_31_0_0_108.dll, FlashPlayerPlugin_31_0_0_108.exe, NPSWF64_31_0_0_108.dll and flashplayer.xpt (the first 2 are the 32 bits version, the third is the 64 bits, and the last is here for, hm, decoration ^^) and now there is also, in the same package, the new Pepper Flash Player files for Chrome-based browsers (those “pepflashplayer” dlls). They are hosted primarily on Megabitload and, which should keep a back up “indefinitely”, and on my server, where only the latest version is guaranteed to be maintained (the previous ones can usually be obtained with a trivial URL manipulation, but whenever I change hosting I drop the older versions, so no guarantee that this will always work). I will also try to upload them to, because some people have reported issues (well, company filtering issues) connecting to the other 2 places, but they delete files after 30 days there, so obviously this will only be suitable for grabbing the latest release while it’s hot.

For developers, here is also the debug version (yes, I don’t upload this one quite regularly because I guess not many people need it – if you do need a more recent debug version let me know).

Last but not least, courtesy from Kooky Tommy in the comments, some Flash ESR packages are available there via Dropbox

Older 20+ versions

Older 19.x versions

Older 18.x versions

Older 17.x versions

Older 16.x versions

Older 15.x versions

Older 14.x versions

Older 13.x versions

Older 12.x versions

Even older versions (<12)

Cf previous post, Flash player 11.9.900.170 for portable browsers (32 and 64 bits)

Original installers

Links to latest versions:
Firefox/Cyberfox and other NPAPI:
Chrome/Iron/Opera and other Pepper:

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104 Responses

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  1. POI says

    ‘Tks for your continued effort. We all appreciate this.’
    More people than you know! A Million Thanks for this incredible work!!!!!!!!!!!

    • patheticcockroach says

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
      Which reminds me, I still have to update the post with the latest download links (which are in the comments)

  2. Salamandra says

    First of all thanks for you effort.

    Second, is out. You requested to be bumped, so you are.

  3. Dirk says

    For your info: is out…
    Tks for making it available to us!

  4. user says

    How to use in firefox 52 (no esr), plugins.load_appdir_plugins and “plugin.load_flash_only;false” not works.

    In 51 Firefox was fine.

    • user says

      copy wrong version bit ;-; sorry.

      • patheticcockroach says

        Oh ok, so you mean it worked in the end?
        Was a bit worried because AFAIK Firefox killed all NPAPI plugins but Flash in some recent version (possibly version 52), so I wondered if maybe they once again messed with Flash settings in the process.

  5. Dirk says

    Adobe just released…

  6. Kooky Tommy says

    Adobe just releasedโ€ฆ

  7. Dirk says

    I think you forgot to update the main download link at the top of the page…

  8. Dirk says is out…

  9. Dirk says

    The link at the top of the page has been overlooked… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Dirk says

    Adobe just released a bugfix, only days after their recent update.
    The flash player is now updated to version

  11. Dirk says

    The heat gets to us all! But then again the American president says that the climate change is all humbug; So we must be imagining things…

  12. Dirk says

    As from today it’s the new version …

    By the way, I love the way you give each participant on this blog a funny alien-looking icon!
    I’ve become particularly fond of mine – for some irrational, possibly very Freudian reason.

  13. Dirk says


  14. Dirk says

    Could it be that you overlooked the link at the top of the page ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. writtenmania says

    I desperately need the debug version
    don;t know how to extract it from the executable

    I’d be very grateful if you extract and upload the debug version

    • patheticcockroach says

      To my knowledge, there is no way to “extract” it, what I do is I install it then grab the files from the installation folders. I’ll try to do it when I find the time, how come you’re using such an outdated version for debugging purposes? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • writtenmania says

        Hey, thanks I’ll try that though I try to avoid installing adobe flash as much as possible.
        that version works best for pentium 4- non multi-core processors. All versions post 22 causes the player to become jerky especially with certain animations, it might also be the graphic card I’m not entirely sure but I tend to think it’s the processor… tested on 2 machines both with pentium 4 but with icore3 machine the animation playback is smooth. I don’t know what adobe did after that version… it could be a bug or just better support for multicores and ignoring how that might effect old p4s, I did report that but as expected it fell on deaf ears and there was no response, they probably don’t even have p4 machines to test.

      • writtenmania says

        Forgot to mention another thing, the reason actually why I think it’s more of p4 support than graphics card is an alarming CPU spike with certain animations versions 23-26 that does not happen with 22.192 . With a certain animation the spike was so bad it almost overheated, all those problems don’t exist on 22

  16. Dieter says

    Hello! new version is published.
    Thanks for updating

  17. Dirk says

    I have never experienced the downloadlink at as particularly slow.

    To be honest, when I download the new flash version from there, I don’t click on the link but I use the right mouse button to download the file directly. That works very smoothly and fairly fast.

    And I have never encountered any captchas…
    Unless of course when I post a comment.

  18. borekon says

    Thanks man.
    It would be better if you use some mirrors for the files.

  19. Dieter says

    New Version has been published:

    Thanks for updating!

  20. Dieter says

    As always:
    Thanks a lot!

  21. POI says

    What are we able to use this for now? They’ve pretty much killed flash for YT and are seeking to kill it altogether. They don’t care that we with older systems who can’t afford new HW have problems with html5. And they don’t even allow us the choice! It’s all about the $$.

    I know all the hooplah about exploits etc. blah blah blah. But some of us take xtra precautions and in my case, haven’t been hit with anything for over 3 decades. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t have wrote that because now I’ll be more at risk ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No matter what we do (add-ons, extensions, gm scripts etc.) they keep destroying our efforts to retain the choice. Very upsetting.

    If anyone’s still able to use flash for YT (or anywhere else) could you please post which browser & version? And what you did to avoid being force fed html5?
    Sorry, RANT over ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you!

    • patheticcockroach says

      Tbh, I don’t know, I don’t even Flash installed on my newest PC (which is why my updates are usually a bit delayed: I do them when I have the occasion to use my older PC). I still see some sites that require Flash to work, so I assume it’s still possible to use it in general. Did you think about trying Firefox ESR?

      As far as Youtube goes, if the site is configured not to serve the Flash-based player anymore, I don’t think there’s anything you can do… :/ I very rarely use Youtube though, so many people more used to it know a way

    • Dieter says

      The reason for this is just that there are still many sites out there, that are using flash.

      I dont like it, i hate it, but i have to handle it.

      Doing some care about Computers i am responsible to, I liked this site to be not infected with Malware. Especially turning around Adobe, which is known to be the worst security Problem around.
      I just have to deal with it, but i hate it.


      Used Browsers are:
      Firefox and Opera – the old ones or legacy ones.


  22. Dieter says

    New Versions published:

    Thanks for updating!

  23. POI says

    Dieter, sorry to bother… but if you are able to use flash on YT, could you let me know which versions of FF & Opera you use? If not, could you let me know which versions anyway?

    P.S. It appears that the ‘fullscreen patcher” that has worked for so long is no longer working on these newer versions. Link for it is posted on videohelp site. Can anyone confirm?
    Thank you very much for your help!

    • Dieter says

      no problem POI. I always like to help as David does here with his Site – Thanks!
      I generally only use portable software on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise LTSB, especially when handling with browsers
      These work fine on YT without Flash Plugin, because Google wants to remove Flash from the web and so in Youtube:
      Google Chrome Portable
      Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition
      and some other portable browser

      For these I need the plugin – not for Youtube, but other sites
      Chromium Ungoogled Portable
      Opera 12.18 Portable – legacy
      PaleMoon portable and some other portable browser

      and always use ublock origin or umatrix!!!

      HTH – Dieter

      • Dieter says

        Chromium is the Mother of Google Chrome, not the Son. (as often mentioned)…
        It is beneath of Firefox the most advanced and secured Browser you can get.
        And with turned off JavaScript, even one of the most secure, you can get.

        Just give it a try.

        FF is just now 2017-10-13 a bit cooler, because of its better build-in Softscrolling, Anonymity, better and earlier ublock origin support, Version 1.14.8 versus 1.14.14…

        Do your decision for your own.

        HTH and Thanks to David for updating the plugin!

  24. Dirk says

    An update of the update, just released…
    Version now!

  25. ericzutter says

    Can you update the links in your webpage to point to version ? (not everybody read the comments to find the latest link)

  26. POI says

    Dieter, can’t thank you enough for the info!
    I also can’t thank David enough for allowing my intrusion on his site!

    I won’t touch ‘vanilla’ chrome and have always used Iron or similar chromium ‘flavors’.
    Very interested in what the ‘chrlauncher’ is.
    I’ve shied away from portable browsers because of npapi plugin hassles.
    Perhaps I’ll give them a try now. Very tired of not being able to play vids in Twitter, etc.
    I don’t have any SM accounts, but would like to be able to view vids on those sites.

    Thanks again!

    • patheticcockroach says

      Meh it’s not an intrusion, that’s what comments are here for ^^ Plus this way I get to keep in touch with Flash a bit, since I don’t use it otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Dirk says

    You’re probably aware of this, but just for info: the new trojan “Bad Rabbit” uses a fake flash updater “install_flash_player.exe” to introduce its ransomware on your PC. Be warned! For further info check the site, and for a “vaccine”

  28. Dirk says

    By the way, the “real” flash – at least I trust it to be the real one (it’s on the Adobe site) has just been updated again. It’s version now…

  29. Dieter says

    Yup, Flash is the biggest security hole, I hate it, but sometimes need it.
    You are secure by only downloading it from original site.
    So pleas update to

  30. Dirk says

    Thank you, once more…

  31. Jonh says

    New version is available

  32. user says

    Works in Firefox 57?

    • patheticcockroach says

      No idea. I actually don’t use Flash myself anymore, and I kept all my Firefox installs to 56 because so many add-ons I use aren’t updated for 57… :/

  33. Dirk says

    As far as I know, it only still works in the Firefox ESR version (currently 52.5.0) – not in the normal Firefox anymore.

  34. POI says

    Can anyone let me know where the ‘plugin.vch’ file (in Fx32 folder) goes?
    Does it go along with ‘NPSWF32_2x.dll’ file in the plugins folder?
    Or does it go into the ‘components’ folder?
    Not sure I’ve ever needed it as I’ve never noticed that file in those folders before?

    Perhaps it’s for the portable versions ?

    • patheticcockroach says

      I’m not sure it’s needed, but I’d say it goes wherever NPSWF32_2x.dll goes – that’s where I find it, anyway

  35. POI says

    Wow! Dieter, Dave and everyone here are Awesome! I consider finding this site one of the best xmas gifts I’ll receive this year! Decided to take the plunge into portable browsing… After decades dealing with ‘puters it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. And I have you all to thank for it. Dieter pushed me over the fence, and Dave is the one who provided this platform to find the info.

    I still don’t understand what ‘chrlauncherโ€™ is unless it’s a loader that will ‘create’ a portable session of chromium the way that the palemoon portable launcher does?
    Been messing around with PM, Epic, and a bunch of others and it’s been a fascinating journey.

    Again, my humble thanks to everyone here!
    As long as they keep this fun site and similar ones alive, I guess I’ll keep flash: Great for the kids and some er, older kids. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dieter says

      Hi POI!
      I have to tell you, that you are completely wrong by updating palemoon within itself. – This is not recomendet!
      Palemoon is something special. – There is a portable version, but it is others like, not that portable…

      To keep Palemoon secure and anonym, you have to always unpack the new version. – this is very special… and keeps anonymity….

      Btw Palemoon is Imho not secure, nore anonym…
      take ungoogled Chromium, this is far better.

  36. Dieter says

    As often on Microsofts Patchday the new is rolled out.
    Thanks in advance for an update!

  37. Dieter says

    Oh damnnnn…
    please to nobody use iron – This is the worst thing you can do….
    I am a bit into it, and i am scared, so i am telling you to keep off!!!!!

    Iron is a dumb programmed / scripted fucked german guy, who tries
    to get reputiation out of a bad scripted fork of a good browser.
    Since Years, i am telling this. Iron has even managed to get into Windows.
    Unbelievebal. This is so dumb.

    This is so dumb. Please just recherche it.
    I plea u not to use it.


  38. Dieter says

    to POI:
    if you want some addictive Browsergames:

    But you need med-range hardware…

  39. Dieter says

    And again.
    I Trust these People:

    Take a peek and look after


  40. Empatojayos says

    New version, update please.

  41. POI says

    Looks like they’ve released newer version ?

  42. POI says

    Fullscreen Patcher ?
    I see a newer version (we’ve been using 3.0 from link on forum: Found newer version from Dieter’s link here: which linked this: which shows newer version.
    Unable to translate page for some reason so not sure what’s up with these packages.
    I KNEW I should have chosen Russian for foreign lang requirement way back in H.S. ๐Ÿ™

    • Dieter says

      POI, this is not a newer version and I trust David’s Site more than these hackersites often beeing flooded with malware.

      • Dieter says

        oh sorry, i see, when poi posted, it was short before David posted the actual version…

      • patheticcockroach says

        Anyhow, I’d really recommend anyone still using Flash to try and find replacements/alternatives. Flash is a dying technology that’s going to disappear eventually and bring almost nothing but trouble in the meantime.
        On my newest PC I’ve never installed it, be it normally or via the portable version, and I think it prevented me from accessing barely a couple of tiny Flash-only sites… Their loss, not mine.

  43. Dieter says

    I am with you – (je suis avec toi?) est ce correct?
    I like your efforts..

    Adobe is evil by design!
    They bought Macromedia and crashed all three major programms…
    Long time ago, we had an audio editor named: “Cool Edit” – Adobe took it down.
    “Cool Edit” was free for private use and the best audio Editor you could get for free.
    Oh my God!
    This is just a starting point. – Adobe is this evil, i cant even express it..

    Oki, i gotta take the next beer and try to get as much drunk as i can get.


    • patheticcockroach says

      Yup that’s correct ^^
      I’ve always disliked Flash, particularly because Flash-based sites were a nightmare to browse, but I wasn’t aware of Adobe’s ways of destructing whatever stuff they bought :s Kind of reminds me of Symantec, who bought Sygate Personal Firewall for the sole purpose of killing it off in the hope of selling more of their own horrible firewall…

  44. Dieter says

    I hatelove Google, but there is one nice thing:
    They are abandoning flash with their power of beeing no.1 in the browser competition.

    Hopefully, we will see no more sites in the future, needing a flash enabled browser.


  45. Dieter says

    Oh, thanks for reading my post and understanding.

    By the way, i assume that this portable flash is the most frequent thread on your page? isntit? – ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please be polite, or try to understand me, but i have to post this:

    Ive tried to read your links – bad news… am i wrong?

    won’t open in opera classic…a damn nonshielded or recognized https

    The Verge Link is even more strange – Is this an affiliate Link? – every privacy filter going to block it…

    I like your site and going to take another tenbeer…

    • patheticcockroach says

      Hm, that’s weird, I don’t have problems with those links. They both were pulled straight from my history/RSS feeds.

      I assume maybe it’s an issue with Viglink. That’s an advertising network I’ve been using with actually only the purpose of getting visit stats (Piwik was messed up and took way too much database space), and it’s been screwing up some of my links lately. I’ve just removed it, let me know if it works better now.

      And yes, I don’t have accurate stats but that Flash page is the most popular one, although I don’t believe it gets an absolute majority of the global traffic. That sure is the place where most comments occur, though, since with every update we get a few ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Dieter says

    Oh, security issues:

    Never ever- really never ever use feeds!!!!!!!

    Wow i am astonished.

    How do you use feeds?
    U know what feeds are? – Streaming bits and bytes into your comper?
    Via Thunderbird?
    Via Google Account?
    Via Microsoft Account?
    Via any Cloud Service u are using?

    Huh, i need some ten more beer…


    • patheticcockroach says

      It’s just repeatedly downloading some XML files via Thunderbird over Tor. Doesn’t load scripts or even pictures – safer than browsing sites, really ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Don’t drink too much lol ^^

  47. Dieter says

    Huh, i am too drunk now…

    c ya….

  48. POI says

    You guys are cracking me up ๐Ÿ™‚ – Absolutely fantastic great info here.
    I’m seeing the light about flash… always having to update, so many beta versions – why?!
    David & Dieter are Spot On about it. It is true it’s way more ‘forgiving’ with older systems.
    And for those of us who can’t afford new equipment, that IS an issue.
    But it is a real pain to deal with. I can barely afford any beer (see below). lol

    Dieter also nailed it about Adobe. Their acrobat reader was true malware magnet. Absolutely horrible after version 5.x or so.

    Yes, I totally agree about David’s work vs what I linked. I actually posted about new version but because of moderation delay, it appears Empatojayos might have posted it first.
    I didn’t see anything here, then I come across that link off of Dieter’s nice link to the cr loaders and posted it because of the fullscreen patcher.
    BTW, I find html5 does this nonsense also. Yes, we know it’s in fullscreen mode! duhhhh. Why new software is made so much for newbies?!

    Ten beer?!
    Dieter, what kind of beer do you drink there? Ten is a lot IF it’s good beer. lol.
    I like good strong dark Stout or Porter – can’t stand the domestic flash brewed swill the masses drink (UGH), Great stout or porter can be a lot like a health drink with alcohol. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But David is right yet again… we shouldn’t drink tooooooo much!

    Dieter, also, I cannot ever drink enough beer to like google at all.
    No matter how much I drink or don’t drink – google is not my friend.
    What versions of chromium do you recommend if not Iron?
    What about Epic? But I think it might be for windoze only?

    Again, this is an Awesome source of IT sanity. I thank all of you very much!

  49. POI says

    David, you hit the nail on the head about Symantec… they messed up practically everything.
    They messed up: Winfax (Delrina), Drive Image & Partition Magic (PowerQuest), and a lot more.
    Sygate? Agreed! It was better than most of what’s out there now. Symantec = bloatware.
    Peter Norton was genius. How he allowed his great work to be in their hands is mind boggling.

    And Dieter’s right about Adobe vs Macromedia.
    I always liked FreeHand and Cool Edit Pro. They made Cool Edit into ‘Audition’ and bloated it since.
    Audacity is pretty nifty but Cool Edit was fantastic!

  50. POI says

    David (and anyone else) – Please forgive me a question:

    What do you think about java?
    I’ve never liked it for the same reasons most don’t like flash (constant updates & security risks).

    But there are some interesting apps that use java.
    I haven’t installed it for years, and when I did, I never allowed in browsers.
    I wonder what you all think about it?

    For that matter, I kind of feel the same about .NET…
    many programmers use & require it. I really don’t like dealing with .net.

    • patheticcockroach says

      Java as a browser plugin has always annoyed me indeed, and like Flash I’ve enabled it only on a case by case basis as soon as browsers allowed this.
      I’ve never been a fan of software written in Java either, as they generally used to have poor performance, but eventually this was improved. I guess I can understand that for developers it’s an easy way to target all OSes.

      .NET is worse IMO, because unlike Java where you truly have cross-platform and where with very few exceptions you can just install the latest version and be done with it, .NET support on Linux is horrible and various software will require various versions of the .NET Framework. No later that yesterday, a software that relies on .NET Core and which used to run fine stopped working because of runtime issues after a (forced :x) update. What a mess…

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