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[Titanium] Solving no Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK location

It seems that with every Titanium upgrade comes a bunch of big, annoying issues. I just upgraded from Titanium 3.3.0 to 3.4.0, and this time the issue was Titanium wouldn’t see the Android SDK anymore. The proper error message was well hidden, at first all I could see was that Titanium wasn’t able to find my debugging device (and external LG 975) anymore. After upgrading the Android SDK (a few minor upgrades I believe) and messing around in the options, I eventually found a proper error message in Preferences → Studio → Platforms → Android (note that I have absolutely no idea how to reach that Preferences window without using the tool icon next to the OSes under “Deployment Targets” in the tiapp.xml GUI editor): “[Android SDK Home] No Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK location”.

So, Titanium couldn’t see the Android SDK, even though I indicated the proper path (very same as the one used with the previous version). Puzzling, as usual…

I found people mentioning this issue when upgrading to Titanium 3.2 from 3.1. Not really my case, but now I know/suppose that’s a recurring issue.

Then I found someone mentioning I should delete a specific config file, namely C:/Users/[username]/.titanium/config.json. I did, and it worked. As I was curious, I kept a copy of the old version, and then compared it to the new version. The only difference is that the new version removed an item at the end. The old version was:

	"user": {
		"locale": "en-us"
	"app": {
		"workspace": ""
	"cli": {
		"colors": true,
		"completion": false,
		"logLevel": "trace",
		"prompt": true,
		"progressBars": true,
		"failOnWrongSDK": false,
		"httpProxyServer": "",
		"rejectUnauthorized": true,
		"width": 100,
		"ignoreDirs": "^(\\.svn|_svn|\\.git|\\.hg|\\.?[Cc][Vv][Ss]|\\.bzr|\\$RECYCLE\\.BIN)$",
		"ignoreFiles": "^(\\.gitignore|\\.npmignore|\\.cvsignore|\\.DS_Store|\\._.*|[Tt]humbs.db|\\.vspscc|\\.vssscc|\\.sublime-project|\\.sublime-workspace|\\.project|\\.tmproj)$"
	"paths": {
		"commands": [],
		"hooks": [],
		"modules": [],
		"plugins": [],
		"sdks": [
		"templates": []
	"android": {
		"sdkPath": "D:\\PROG\\PROGRAMMING\\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\\sdk"
	"sdk": {
		"selected": "3.3.0.GA"

and the new version removed

	"sdk": {
		"selected": "3.3.0.GA"

Source is here, and contains a few other things to try, in case this one doesn’t work for you…

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