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SAS syntax highlighting in Notepad++

I don’t really use SAS much, and when I do most of the time it’s just to read a SAS script and convert some stuff from it into R. So Notepad++ is more than enough to do that (and cheaper, too ;)), but it doesn’t feature SAS syntax highlighting by default. However you can easily add it, all you need (unless you want to implement it yourself), is a user-defined language file. Gladly, some people worked on this and this post at hafniumcity provides such a UserDefineLang.xml file (and just in case it went offline, I mirrored it here).

To use it:
– if you already have a UserDefineLang.xml file, you’ll need to edit it (for instance with Notepad++) so as to add the new “sas” language definition in it, along your already defined languages
– if you don’t already have a UserDefineLang.xml file, you should place the new one either in %appadata%\Notepad++ or right in the Notepad++ folder, if like me you configured Notepad++ in a portable settings (use a local folder instead of the %APPDATA% folder, this is a setting defined upon (re)installation)

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