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A little catch when submitting an iOS app with Facebook SDK

When you submit your app to Apple, at the end of the process they ask you if the app uses the iOS Advertising Identifier. As far as I understood, the Facebook SDK does use this identifier, so if you want to avoid wasting a week because of a rejected submission, you should declare that you use it. More specifically:

This app uses the Advertising Identifier to (select all that apply)?
– Serve advertisements within the app
– Attribute this app installation to a previously served advertisement
– Attribute an action taken within this app to a previously served advertisement

If you will be using the Audience Network framework, you must select the first option.
If you are using our core framework to track install attribution and app events, please select the second and third options.
If you are using both, select all three.


In the case of the app I’ve been working on, we track install attribution (to check of an ad on Facebook led to an app installation), so option 2 and 3.

Another interesting read (for historical purpose!):

On a side note, Facebook’s tool to see if your app seems properly configured:

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