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Hiding some file types in Eclipse projects

I recently discovered TypeScript (yay, better late than never), which is really nice to turn JavaScript into something a lot more readable, particularly when you want to do a bit of OOP. I mean, I’m not an OOP addict, but still in some cases it is much more convenient than going full procedural.
Anyhow, for those of you who don’t know it, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, and when you use it, you have a “compiler” that converts your TypeScript into JavaScript + a map files. Which means that for 1 .ts file you actually write and read, you end up with 2 additional files (.js and that you never really touch (at least not in the IDE). So, the file list gets clogged up, and I wondered if there is a way to hide files I don’t need to see in my usual IDE, Eclipse.

And there is an easy way indeed, here it is in just a picture:
Hiding specific file name patterns in Eclipse

And to sum it up:

  • right click on your project
  • in the menu, click properties
  • browse to Resource → Resource Filters
  • add the filters you want to exclude file patterns (you can use simple match, regular expressions, exclude by folder name, etc)
  • don’t forget to check “recursive” if you also want to match files within subfolders
  • press OK
  • You may need to refresh your project for the changes to show (left click on your project root and press F5)

I used that in Eclipse 4.6 “Neon”, but this should work across many versions.

Update (2016-07-08): my regex for .js files when using Angular 2

In Angular, there is a config file named systemjs.config.js, and I wanted to be able to view it in Eclipse. So I couldn’t just block all files matching the simple expression “*.js”. It turned out that matching a string that doesn’t contain a word using a regex isn’t trivial, but I found a solution there on stackoverflow. Transposed to matching all .js files but the ones containing “config”, here’s my regex: ((?!config).)*\.js

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