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Fixing a couple of TypeScript compilation errors

This is an old draft that I never got to finish but that I don’t want to throw away either. I guess this is where this site is really used as a notepad ^^

Error 1:
node_modules/@types/graphql/subscription/subscribe.d.ts(17,4): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'AsyncIterator'.

=> add “esnext.asynciterable” lib to file tsconfig.json

Error 2:
node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/config.d.ts(39,37): error TS2693: 'Promise' only refers to a type, but is being used as a value here.

=> add “es2015.promise” lib to file tsconfig.json

My tsconfig.json file as it was when I started writing this (should be still good, I just added more stuff since then)

  "compileOnSave": true,
  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "es5",
    "noImplicitAny" : true,
    "lib": [
    "skipLibCheck": false,
    "alwaysStrict": true,
    "removeComments": true
  "exclude": [
  "typeRoots": [ "node_modules/@types" ]

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