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Opera 10.10 fails to load on Fedora 13 64 bits

I ended up installing Fedora 13 from a USB key, and the Live USB creation program I used (UNetbootin) wouldn’t work with anything more complete than the LiveCD. So, a lot of dependencies are missing. For the NVIDIA drivers, the missing stuff was kernel-devel and gcc. For Opera 10.10, it was… Qt 3. So, to make Opera work in Fedora 13 64 bits, you can either yum install qt3 or… get Opera 10.60 beta 1 (which probably relies on Qt 4, already installed if you installed things like VLC) or any later version.

General tip: to find what dependencies are missing for a particular program:
1. launch it from the terminal, so you’ll get verbose error messages (when you launch a program from the GUI usually you just see nothing if it fails)
2. when you see missing files, use RPM Find to find out what package contains the file you need.

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  1. Fredora says

    ty, I can’t believe I missed that… qt3 is even written in the name of the opera installer!

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