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VLC 1.1.0 (final) portable

VideoLAN Client (VLC) Media Player version 1.1.0 (“The luggage”) was released today. If you’re on Windows, upgrading promptly is rather important, as you’re probably running version 1.0.5, which contains some serious vulnerabilities that were fixed in version 1.0.6 (no compiled binaries of this version were released for Windows). Of course, VLC 1.1.0 contains some other interesting new stuff such as hardware video decoding, new codecs (WebM, Vorbis 6.1/7.1, FLAC 6.1/7.1 and more), an extension system, improved speed, etc. Well, in short, it’s worth upgrading, unless you’re a SHOUTcast addict.
As often, it will probably take a few days for PortableApps to update their version, so here is one I quickly packed (and tested on a PC without VLC installed). It’s simply the VLC 1.1.0 release (binary 7-zip version) combined with VLC Portable 1.0.5 from PortableApps.

Once again, this is not an official release from portableapps, it’s a custom, “home-made” package. Here you go:

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