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Second impressions on 1and1

At the end of my previous entry about 1and1 I left a few unfinished businesses. So, here’s an update on them. Short reminder about the context: renting a tiny 1and1 cloud server in order to replace this server (various reasons, amongst which but not only lowering the costs).

First, the FTP backup space. I got no news from the previous tech guy I called a week ago, so I just called again. This time I was told there’s no FTP backup in the standard package. I checked out the description page and it was indeed updated, with the FTP space removed. How sweet, you let them know there’s something wrong and they fix it behind your back without even a little note… Edit (2011-01-19): I just got an e-mail offering the feature for free for 6 months to make up for the trouble 🙂 So, they do things right but they’re just a bit slow (I first called about that on Dec 29, so it took around 20 days). That’s still not as good as having the feature in the pack, but for that price I guess it’s good enough.

Second, the double VAT (VAT seems to be applied twice when ordering an upgrade). Well, the initial reason that triggered my call was that my customer panel was down, and it turned out it was kaput on their end too, so they couldn’t check the VAT issue in the above-mentioned panel and give me a final answer… I guess I’ll have to make a “third impression” update later ;).

Finally, last but (really) not least, where the heck are my 100 GiB? Well, I’m about to start working on it. Some pointers can be found in their FAQ there but also there on the French version (the latest seems precisely targeted at this very problem of the hidden GiBs). Sounds pretty complicated. Well, not really complicated but it would clearly have been easier to just offer custom partitioning simply during system installation. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes…

Update: I finally found the missing gigabytes, see Second impressions on 1and1 (again, or how to deal with LVM)

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